Hair Drying Tips

Woman’s hand holding a hairdryer

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Knowing your hair type

Professional hairdresser preparing client hair to haircut

Getting to know your hair can prevent you from wreaking havoc on innocent strands. So, before you pick up a heating tool or brush, learn to distinguish your hair type. Hair typically falls under two categories: Fine and thick. Your hair is fine if a single strand is hard to see; you struggle with maintaining volume; […]

Learn the hairbrush basics

different hair brushes or combs

For everyday grooming, choose paddle brushes. When you blow-dry, use a round brush to easily grab every strand. But watch out for round brushes with metal frames — when combined with hot air from a dryer, it can heat up way too fast and burn your tresses. Your safest bet is to stick with a […]

Choosing hair products based on hair thickness

The foundation for healthy, luscious hair begins with a shampoo and conditioner formulated for your hair type, along with a deep-conditioning treatment for weekly blasts of moisture. One important takeaway when it comes to products: Different hair types have various needs. “Someone with fine, straight hair might want more lightweight formulas like mists and sprays because heavy conditioners might weight […]